Sales Order management & fulfillment software

Never disappoint your customer with stock-outs. With dislio , Sales-order allocation & fulfillment is done with just one click. And it’s all interconnected with invoicing.

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Features you will definitely like in dislio

Inventory Allocation.

Allocate inventory according to availability. Notify user when inventory is unavailable. Never over allocate and run in to stock-outs.

Partial Dispatching.

Split a sales order into multiple shipments from different invoices based on availability and costs.

Availability Checks

Salesrep can check availability of stocks in real-time as soon as the Sales Order is created. So that customer can know exact delivery times.

Credit Limit Verification.

Auto credit check during order processing (prior to release). Auto release credit hold when payment is entered or order amount decreased.

Inventory management , distribution and supply chain management, invoicing and billing, accounting and finance all together.

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