Visualize customer data at a glance to deliver a smooth experience.

All Sales Orders, invoices, Sales returns and payments of customers are visible in a 360-degree view for your convenience.

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Customer Groups.

Categorize customers by groups, so that you can analyze them in various reports and understand insights.

Customer Routes.

Assign customers to various distribution routes so you can plan the shipments and outstanding collection better and faster.

Custom Product Discounts.

You can add fixed discounts for particular products only for selected customers.

Custom Pricing.

You can sell a product for a different price than the default price for a particular customer. And you can do it with just one-time custom pricing setup.

Credit Limits.

Set credit limits to individual customer basis depending on their buying capacity.

Default Currency.

Set a default billing currency for the customer.

Inventory management , distribution and supply chain management, invoicing and billing, accounting and finance all together.

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