Accounting software for small & medium sized businesses.

dislio accounting module has all you need to keep your books accurate and up to date, automatically. Explore features like invoicing, profit & loss, cashflow, expense tracking, bills, vouchers and more.

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All in One Dashboard.

The dashboard shows you your total receivables, sales, profit and loss and more at a glance.

Double-entry bookkeeping.

Double-entry accounting helps companies track transactions accurately and classify accounting data to produce a detailed set of financial statements.

Invoicing & Payments.

Invoicing & payments are inter-connected with the accounting module, so you don't have to re enter everything as double-entries.


You can specify which account to maintain as Inventory Assets for each product categories.

Bills & Bill Payments.

All your vendor payments at one place. Whether its coming as a GRN or a Manual bill, we have the flexibility to record it to the correct accounts.

Vouchers for Expenses.

Expense tracking is made easy by vouchers. You can manage and control the expenses through vouchers and its all automated.


We've got all the standard accounting reports you will ever need to run your business. And its constantly updated.

Chart of Accounts.

You won't miss any of your financial details in our easy to navigate chart of accounts with roll-back feature to a specific date.

Inventory management , distribution and supply chain management, invoicing and billing, accounting and finance all together.

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